Tonight's Final, Free Rooftop Movie is Garden State

Well all, it's been a great run. These weekly collaborations with the Dallas Film Society and Sundown at Granada have turned Wednesday evenings into amazingly fun, community events. Plus, there's booze. (Who ever thought it could be so good?)

Tonight, step away from the turkey. Wipe the stuffing off your hands. Don't look the cranberries directly in the eye -- all of that mess will be there in the morning. Enjoy some time with your friends tonight, taking in the indie darling romance, Garden State.

It's a lying, charming Natalie Portman. A not-making-those-annoying-faces Zach Braff. And a pre-Big Bang Theory Jim Parsons as a Klingon-speaking Medieval Times Knight. Plus, there's that Grammy-winning soundtrack.

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It's a great closing film for this series, and it would be lovely to unite for one last party. The DFS flips the projector on at 8 p.m., but you should come over early to snag a good seat and have a few cocktails. And thanks Dallas, for making these nights so great. We've had a blast doing them.

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