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ABC Test Pilot Known (For Now, Anyway) As Good Christian Bitches Will Shoot in Dallas

A couple of weeks back, ABC-TV publicist Erin Felentzer, who handles the network's drama schedule, told us she wasn't sure where Sex and the City creator Darren Star's adaptation of Kim Gatlin's book Good Christian Bitches would shoot. She also said it wasn't getting a full-blown tryout, only a presentation pilot -- a shorter-than-a-full-episode sneak given to shows more on the fence than off it. And a couple of weeks ago, no one knew what the series -- heretofore described as "Desperate Housewives in Dallas," though it's really the Park Cities -- would be called.

Today, at least one of our questions has been answered: Amidst rumors that the show's set up shop here, Felentzer tells Unfair Park this afternoon that "I can confirm it's being shot there." Which is welcome news for the local teevee business after the quick cancellation of Lone Star, the demise of The Good Guys and the earlier-than-expected end to NBC's Chase.

Despite local rumblings that ABC's asked for a longer look-see, Felentzer insists it's still "it's just a presentation -- I'm sure people are just calling it a pilot." And she says that it's "currently" known as Good Christian Bitches. Word is, though, that'll more than likely change. Sooner than later.