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Bachman Tacos and Grill

3311 W. Northwest Highway
Dallas, TX 75220
The world would be all the better if it were filled with more trompo taco fans. To make a great trompo taco, the vertical spit has to spin, but at many places business isn't steady enough to keep the contraption in motion. Not so at Bachman Tacos and Grill, where tacos are a necessary add on to every tankful of gasoline. The taqueria is nestled inside a Chevron so you can pound a taco before gas up your car -- to get to your next taqueria, of course. Meat cooked on a vertical spit often lends itself to some of the most beautiful meals in the world of street food. Just hear the word shawarma and visions of charred but supple lamb paint the back of your cortex, while the phantom scent of rosemary tickles your nose. In the back, cooks thread huge sheets of fatty meat, dripping in marinade, onto the long vertical spits. The finished cones look disturbing and even a bit obscene, but after roasting a while you'll start to come around. It's almost hypnotizing as it spins like some giant carnal music box ornament.

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