Alison McLean

Maskaras Mexican Grill

Alison McLean
Some of the best Guadalajaran food in Dallas comes from this luchador-themed restaurant in the heart of Oak Cliff. Many first-timers come to Maskaras for its extraordinary collection of lucha libre masks, costumes and vintage posters, but they stay because of the awesome tacos ahogados (“drowned” tacos bathing in salsa), enormous tortas and rich carne en su jugo. The spicy shrimp burrito is more than a foot long, and the hospitality here is as big-hearted as the plates are, well, big. The sudden internet popularity of birria, a Jalisco specialty, helped save Maskaras during the pandemic, as the restaurant serves birria three ways: plated as a stew, in soft-tortilla “street” tacos or, most indulgently of all, in fried tacos that are also stuffed with gooey cheese.

Top pick: Grab some fried tacos dorados with cueritos (pickled pig skins), or the house special Taco Maskaras, which combines shrimp, pico de gallo and molten cheese. Maskaras’ enchiladas verdes are flawless, too.

The downside: You’ll need a fork and knife to tackle some of the enormous sandwiches. Wait, hang on. How is that a downside?

Fun fact: You can also order spectacular face masks here, made in the style of luchador wrestling masks. It’s the ultimate fashion accessory of 2021.