Nuno’s Tacos & Vegmex Grill | North Dallas | Vegan, Tex-Mex | Restaurant

Nuno’s Tacos & Vegmex Grill

Neighborhood: North Dallas
This Tex-Mex fusion joint is serving options that reach far beyond the typical Mexican fare. Get your hands on the Tejano BBQ wrap, a tortilla filled with smoked vegetable protein, cheddar cornbread and mac and cheese for a comforting mix of textures. Drizzled in a tangy barbecue sauce made of blueberries and pineapple, the wrap — along with other Nuno’s specialties — lies somewhere in the middle of the wide spectrum between American and Mexican cuisine.

The huitlacoche quesadillas are yet another example of Nuno’s culinary creativity, consisting of a crunchy pan-fried tortilla stuffed with fresh Mexican truffle and housemade mozzarella cheese. Crunchy meets soft, meets smoky, meets cheesy in this all-inclusive Mexican dish.

Nuno’s also rotates out vegan versions of Mexican favorites like birria tacos made of roasted hibiscus flowers and oat-based Marranito (Mexican molasses) shakes. All ingredients are sourced fresh from growers in Mexico and beyond.
Anisha Holla