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Off-Site Kitchen - Closed

331 Singleton Blvd #100
Dallas, TX 75212
Off-Site Kitchen +

Kathy Tran


  • Sun 11am-9pm, Mon-Tues 11am-7pm, Wed-Thurs 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-11pm
  • $; $$
  • Lunch, Dinner, Snack Food
  • Beer/Wine
  • Parking Lot Available
  • Reservations Not Accepted
Off-Site Kitchen moved to Trinity Groves recently, but don’t think for a second that the casual burger restaurant lost one drop of its greasy charm. The new location is just like the old location, just with a lot more tables, games to keep you occupied and a beer cooler that runs the entire length of one of the restaurant’s walls. You should order the burger. You can get one topped simply, pummeled with peppers and bacon jam or something in between. Customers who for whatever reason don’t crave burgers can choose from sandwiches that feature grilled or fried chicken, pulled pork, corned beef, brisket and other meats. There’s even a taco if you’re in the mood for one. Watch out, it’s sloppy.

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