Petra & The Beast | East Dallas & Lakewood | New American | Restaurant
A spread from Petra and the Beast
Brian Reinhart
A spread from Petra and the Beast

Petra & The Beast

This author’s last dinner out before Dallas restaurants shut down in March was the Saturday night tasting at Petra and the Beast, an astonishing and BYOB culinary fireworks show of charcuterie, pork dumplings, cured fish drizzled with paprika oil and charred leeks. That feels like a different universe now, but Petra recently resumed its tastings on its patio, with tables set far apart. At other times of the week, the restaurant acts as a market for house-made pantry ingredients like its spectacular spicy mustard, links of sausage and shelves full of pickled and preserved vegetables.

Top pick: The best charcuterie board in Dallas, period. Also, watch out for any time when Petra runs a home-style special from chef-owner Misti Norris’ Louisiana roots, like boudin or a bulk container of takeout gumbo.

Fun fact: If you can score one of the coveted tasting menu spots, Petra offers the best BYOB experience within Dallas city limits.

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