Public School 214 | Uptown/Oak Lawn | Gastro Pub | Restaurant
Nick Rallo

Public School 214

Amy McCarthy
Going to school was never fun, but Public School 214 has somehow found a way to make your classroom nostalgia perfectly charming. From the school-themed decor, including maps, globes and chalkboards, to the menu that is styled just like your old black-and-white composition book, Public School 214 is true to its theme without being tacky. As for the menu, it’s anything but elementary -- from the bar snacks to swankier entrées, there are plenty of foodie-approved dishes here to indulge in. The cocktail menu is comprehensive and reasonably cheap in this new world of fancy dranks. You’re going to get addicted to the bacon-cheddar tots with sriracha ketchup, and you should probably just go ahead and add an extra 20 minutes to your cardio routine to compensate for the buckets of them you’re going to consume.