Eat This

Nine Things to Eat and Drink on St. Patrick's Day That Don't Involve Green Beer

Look, there's nothing wrong with getting blasted on lukewarm green beer this St. Patrick's Day, so long as you're safe about it. We're all adults, and being an adult sometimes means intentionally making questionable decisions in the name of classic American drinking holidays. Go nuts — drink a yard of beer and drunk-text eggplant emojis to your ex. She'll love it.

But on the off chance that you're looking to celebrate St. Patrick's Day differently this year, Dallas bars and restaurants have come up with plenty of creative specials to get you in the St. Paddy's Day spirit. It's not all corned beef and cabbage out there, either — but there is also plenty of corned beef and cabbage, just for good measure. 

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Beth Rankin is an Ohio native and Cicerone-certified beer server who specializes in social media, food and drink, travel and news reporting. Her belief system revolves around the significance of Topo Chico, the refusal to eat crawfish out of season and the importance of local and regional foodways.
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