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Statler Hotel

We can admit when we're wrong. (It's easy after so much practice.) So we confess we had doubts the Statler Hotel, built in 1956, would ever come back to life. We had watched it sit vacant in a neglected corner of downtown for nearly two decades. But it's amazing what people with vision, dedication and $230 million can do to. In this case, they reopened the Statler as a Hilton Curio hotel in 2017. More than that, it has become a go-to place for downtown nightlife, thanks partly to its three -- count 'em -- bars. Up on the rooftop is Waterproof, offering skyline views and a pool complete with rental cabanas. Then there's Bourbon & Banter, for those who want to skip the outdoors and enjoy cocktails in a swanky underground speakeasy. Finally, for ambitious drinkers there's Scout, whose 4,000-square-foot gaming hall complete with pool tables and bowling lanes. It's the perfect spot for a one-stop pub crawl: work up a sweat bowling (if that's possible), cool down in the pool then relax your chlorinated self in dim bar, all at one address. Plus, it has rooms if your drinking leaves you unable to drive home.