Angie Quebedeaux
Thunder Mifflin Pie

Thunderbird Pies

Kale BS Salad
Angie Quebedeaux
Thunderbird Pies is the third interpretation of pizza in Dallas brought to us by Jay Jerrier. He started with Neapolitan-style pizza at Il Cane Rosso, then opened Zoli's, which has New York style. This latest concept, which is technically a pandemic baby, started as a ghost kitchen out of Zoli's but has spread its wing and flown the coop. Thunderbird Pies is adjacent to its sister-spot Il Cane Rosso in East Dallas. Pizzas here are squared-up with thick crust and crispy cheese edges. Every pie uses brick cheese and has a sauce on the top. You'll find a lot of the same themes as at other restaurants, like the Honey Bastard. Here they use Ezzo pepperoni cups too, which are addictive. And there's a Cow Tipping Creamery at the location also (which Jerrier also owns).

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