Catherine Downes


You’d never expect music like this in a restaurant like this. Sure, lots of burger places tuck an acoustic guitar balladeer in the corner who plays Coldplay covers and largely goes unnoticed, but Vagabond curates real artists. When they play, they command the entire room. If the music is not your thing, simply head out to the back patio where you’ll find an irregularly shaped bocce court fashioned from the grave of a swimming pool. The reason you’ll come back repeatedly, though, is the food, which is quite good for bar food standards, and downright exceptional if you’re considering music venue chow. The burgers are hefty, juicy specimens that reduce your bun to a mess as you finish, and there are options other than beef including grilled chicken and vegetarian. Whichever you get, make sure you get a side of the streak fries. They’re fried in duck fat. There’s nothing else you need to know.