Six Great New Burgers in Dallas

When talking food with other people that like food, it would be perfectly fine to say that Dallas has had an excellent year of making new burgers. You should feel free to clink your glass with your fork, or raise an index finger into the air, as if you are saying, I'm speaking now, and calmly let fly: "Dallas will goddam burger-murder any city."

"Dallas has so many good burgers hot meat smells blanket the city like meat thunder" is another example of something you could say. Fling a pickle around as a intimidation tool while speaking, if necessary. If another city is brought up as housing better burgers than Dallas, like Houston for example, I recommend cough-clearing your throat (place your fist over your mouth) and saying "You'reAwfulDallasisConsiderablyBurgerBetter" during the throat clearing as a way to really drive it home.

Of Dallas' many excellent burgers, some of them are not new, one is in that Best Of issue, and some are so new the cattle's methane is still in the air. When talking food, the below burgers are correct answers to the question: So, what new burgers are really good in Dallas? These burgers:

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Nick Rallo
Contact: Nick Rallo