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North Texas Musicians You Should Be Following on Instagram

The Helium Queens — Poppy Xander, Chelsey Danielle and Sharla Franklin — transport audiences to a different realm. Catch them on IG at least.
The Helium Queens — Poppy Xander, Chelsey Danielle and Sharla Franklin — transport audiences to a different realm. Catch them on IG at least. Sarah Passon
Texas is renowned for producing acclaimed musicians, from Beyonce and Megan Thee Stallion to our own Leon Bridges, Erykah Badu and St. Vincent. North Texas is also home to a number of rising, although not yet mainstream artists, shaping the local music scene.

If you’re looking to freshen up both your music library and your feed, here are 21 local musicians you might not know but should be following on Instagram.

Soul singer Abraham Alexander hasn’t released any new music since the pandemic, but his 2019 self-titled EP still holds up, with heartfelt songs like “335.” The Greek-born musician is on tour and performed with Fort Worth soul singer Leon Bridges at South Side Ballroom in Dallas on Sept. 11.
This model Texan in Brooklyn recently released her debut EP, on which she sings about how she had to move to New York to discover and embrace her “inner cowboy.” Her sound and style are comparable to Kacey Musgraves, especially during her Same Trailer Different Park era. But Ponthier can be distinguished by her slightly more whimsical, dreamy voice.
This performer and songwriter from Oak Cliff re-released his 2015 album SURRILLA this year and is gearing up for the release of album Rising Son. The work of the hip-hop artist, a favorite of director Spike Lee's, is influenced by societal and mental health issues affecting the Black community.
Charley Crockett, aka “The San Benito Kid” and "Son of Davy," combines a mixture of county and blues in his guitar-strumming tunes. In his six-year career, he’s released 10 full albums.
Claire Morales assures her fans she’s “definitely not a cult leader,” but with her delightfully quirky music videos and art, she could probably gather a cult following if she wanted to. The electric guitarist and singer’s posts often feature her in nature or surrounded by bright colors.
Although he bears a striking resemblance to Brian Jones, an original founder of the Rolling Stones, Cody Lynn Boyd isn’t English or into drugs. His most recent single, “Goddamn Good,” is a melancholy folk song of self-questioning doubt that matches his dark, brooding image.
This soul-infused, hip-hop collective just released its first album, BAMN. The group’s three main artists live together and hire other local artists to fill in to play keys, bass and drums. Their Instagram account is just dynamic.
This pop-R&B singer left his hometown of Dallas to pursue a career in New York, citing artistic stagnation and lack of support as the reason for the move in 2017. He’s since made a name for himself as a Brooklyn club diva whose music sounds inspired by Diana Ross, and now he's back to set local stages on fire again.
The Memphis-born artist incorporates a touch of groove into her hip-hop music and is working on her debut EP. Now based in Dallas, she merges the styles of Soulja Boy, T.I. and Eminem with Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah.
Funk duo Electric Tongues relies on a high-pitched stage voice and bombastic vocal power for silky-smooth music. They’re scheduled to perform at the Ramblin’ Roads Music Festival in Arlington in October.
Helium Queens is a pop trio that has recently grown into a theatrical production with Helium Queens: A Space Opera. The best kind of sensory overload, this mystical, technicolor band incorporates elaborate costumes and lots of neon. 
Oak Cliff native Jacks Haupt is a quintessential “old soul” whose music and visuals tell stories primarily about true love, and was also part of a documentary that followed up-and-coming Chicano artists. The account is also endlessly inspiring for those looking for retro-style ideas.


This Oak Cliff rapper blends elements of conscious rap, R&B, gospel and trap. A prolific artist, Jason Lyric released four albums and an EP since 2018.
Keite Young’s singing voice ranges from raspy tenor to a sexy, high falsetto. He collaborated with Leon Bridges on his 2021 single “Like a Ship,” which was his most recent release since his band Medicine Man Revival's WAR from 2019.

Larry Gee recently released his first single since 2019: “Sleeping in my Car.” The soulful pop singer has shared stages with the likes of Erykah Badu, Leon Bridges, Washed Out, Alabama Shakes, One Republic and G-Eazy.


This four-piece Latinx band released their third album Flower Moon this year, which was their first in two years. Their indie sound combines the innocence of teen love with a dreamy retro synth-pop perfect for head nodding or a slow dance.
MATTIE, an experimental soul singer, learned the basis of soul music by singing in church. She recently released her first single since 2019 “Human Thing," but her Instagram is just like her stage act: otherworldly.
This musician and visual artist released her debut EP Tether this year, which she described as a “meditation on the grieving process” on Spotify. With a combination of heavy instruments and dark, brooding vocals, Marxen's music is just like her online presence: a whole mood, with stunning images by the genius photographer (Marxen's husband) Judd Myers.

Post-punk band Rosegarden Funeral Party takes influence from life’s tragedies and spins chaos into beauty. Their series Invested in Nostalgia is a collection of filmed, edited and directed live performances of their major songs. Front woman Leah Lane is a style icon reminiscent of Siouxsie Sioux and the band's red-black-and-white aesthetic makes their Instagram pop just as they do onstage.
Vera "Velma" Hernandez is both a guitar-playing punk artist and a music photographer. Her concert photos, often shot in black and white, vividly capture the sweat and passion seen in the Texas music scene.

The singer-bassist for Atom and EV, EV Borman, is a musician worth following, but her account is also an endless source of local music. Borman frequently shares what's happening at Top Ten Records, where she works and at various other venues.
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