25 Ways to Tell You Spend Too Much Time in Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum is not the only place in where music happens in Dallas. But it is the most storied: It's where our blues scene found its legs and where Kurt Cobain found our fists. And today, the neighborhood is home to every kind of show, from one person with an acoustic guitar to touring metal bands on elevated stages. It is in tribute to this dense little strip of warehouses and bars that we present this, the 25 ways to tell you're spending too much time in Deep Ellum. It's a checklist well worth completing.

25. You gave the robot by the DART station a name.

24. You've peered into the window of that sex shop at all the leather stuff.

23. Gabe at Black Swan knows your favorite infusion. See also: Gabe Sanchez Spent Years Catering to Celebrities. Now He Makes Everyone Feel Like a VIP

22. You've seen the sun rise from Buzzbrews.

21. You know what all the artwork at 3 Links means. See also: The Experienced Three Links Owners Get Their Priorities from the Odd Fellows

20. You've spent an hour lining up for the Dada bathroom.

19. You can't remember what grass looks like.

18. You actually know the way to Sandbar Cantina. See also: Spillover 2013: Sand, Sound and Finding Peace in Metal Shows

17. You're on the high-score board for the erotic spot-the-difference game at Trees.

16. You know about the secret free parking lot (we're not sharing).

15. You have a favorite style of burger at Angry Dog.

14. All your glasses at home are "sample cups" from Deep Ellum Brewing Company's "tours." See also: Meet Deep Ellum Brewing Co.'s New Head Brewer, Jeremy Hunt

13. You've considered a career as a parking attendant because of the cool flag they get to wave.

12. You can name everyone in the photos on the walls of Allgood Cafe.

11. You've ever actually been in the Boiler Room.

10. You've accidentally seen a famous musician sit in with RC and the Gritz at Prophet Bar. See also: Go To the Prophet Bar On A Wednesday Night. It's Good For You. Trust Us. You'll Enjoy It.

9. You've had a lengthy drunken conversation with people outside Reno's about motorcycles.

8. You've done at least $300 in damage to your car driving down Elm street.

7. You find yourself confused and disoriented by any building without a mural on its wall.

See also:Kettle Art Gallery Will Stay in Deep Ellum, Where it Belongs

6. You've tried a brisket fried pie from Baker's Ribs.

5. You've eaten at Cane Rosso so many times you're bored of it.

4. You've gone to the awesome Doublewide karaoke where they have the Guitar Hero instruments.

3. You say, "Deep Ellum's really coming back," to people as a knowing in-joke.

2. The Yoohoo Yeehaw has no effect on you.

1. Bob knows who you are.

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