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How Did We Miss This Dallas Song by Coldplay?

Chris Martin asked fans at The Cotton Bowl to put down their phones and share the moment.
Chris Martin asked fans at The Cotton Bowl to put down their phones and share the moment. Andrew Sherman
It's been about six months since Coldplay launched its Music of the Spheres tour in our little corner of the world, but one moment from that show preserved on TikTok recently caught our attention.

The pop rock group kicked off the U.S. leg of the tour at the Cotton Bowl in May. The group performed all of its latest hits, opening with "Sky Full of Stars" and leading the crowd to favorites such as "Charlie Brown," "Humankind" and "Paradise." Chris Martin also sang one song that no one else got to hear on any other stop of the tour.

The stage, which had been lit up with disco balls and fireworks for most of the setlist, became bare as Martin talked to the crowd.

"This is a song, a special song, because we wanted to say thank you to all of you for letting us start our tour here in Dallas," Martin said to the screaming crowd.
@coldplay Friday night in Dallas… special song for the start of our US tour: Dallas Every Day, with the amazing Preston Wait. #ColdplayDallas ♬ original sound - coldplay
The video shows Martin's bandmates strumming and drumming as Martin sings a song that seems to confuse the audience at first. He's joined on stage by Preston Wait from the Josh Abbott Band with a slide guitar on his lap, who gives the song just the right amount of twangy country. It's got a mellow quality, kind of as if Townes Van Zandt were alive to cover "Yellow."

"Well, me and my band," Martin sings. "We go from land to land/Today we're touching down in the USA/We're starting off our tour/somewhere we never started before/And we started there because the crowd blows us away."

Then the crowd starts to go absolutely wild when Martin sings about how he's in "the home of Post Malone" and they realize he's singing about our fair city.

"Well in we roll/to the Cotton Bowl/where they sure do know how to make a fuck of a lot of noise," Martin sings. "Oh, I'm in the Lone Star State and I'm feeling fucking great/playing where the Cowboys play."

We won't transcribe all of the lyrics because it's better if you listen to it for yourself. But Martin hits the biggest points of local pride, including the Mavericks and Erykah Badu. It's a lovely personal moment between a group that's still at the top of its game and a crowd of screaming fans.

Observer critic Preston Jones, who covered the Coldplay show at the Cotton Bowl back in May, wrote that hearing the collection of "maximalist, synapse-frying spectacles capable of making an estimated crowd of 60,000 people move almost as one was to marvel at the eternal malleability of pop music."

Paying tribute with songs on Coldplay's tour schedule is a band tradition. Not long after the Dallas show on the same tour, Martin pounded out notes on piano and sang an original, personal song called "Oh Chicago" to a crowded Soldier Field.

It may have started five years ago, when Martin and his crew first played a sold-out show in Argentina and performed a cover of Soda Stereo's "De Música Ligera" in Spanish. The group has since played the Argentinian classic rock song during every visit, once inviting Soda Stereo's members to join in.

But Martin has never forgotten the audience's frenzied reaction to the first time he played the song, calling it "the best musical feeling of my life, ever!" And he seems to be chasing the same high.

We're one of the lucky few with our very own Coldplay love song: Gwyneth Paltrow, Dakota Johnson, Dallas. Nice.
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