High on music, man.

Ab-NORML-y Good Music? Well, Maybe. For Once.

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but not long after we totally harshed on DFW NORML’s mellow about the terrible bands that perform at the organization’s events, they announced a party with music that approaches tolerability.

Well, at least it’s not rap-rock.

Reform-minded folks in more than 200 cities are participating in the Global Marijuana March on Saturday, May 3, and the Dallas chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is making a day of it. The group will gather at high noon (their pun, not mine) at the Earl Cabell Federal Building for the march. And, afterwards, they’re having an afterparty at Bar of Soap with performances by two provocatively named bands, The League of Fucking Decency and Pentagon Missiles.

Pentagon Missiles are a very sloppy, raw and angry punk band that will have to do some serious self-censoring if they plan to abide by Eisenberg’s “No Cussing” policy when they play there May 16. The songs on LFD’s site, meanwhile, have a pretty raw punk sound, too, but they add a bit more musicianship and humor to the mix. Unless, that is, lines like “I’m only happy when killer zombies are on the move” were meant to be taken seriously. –Jesse Hughey

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