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Airline Gets Some College Radio Love

Almost three months after its early March release, Airline's Farewell Republica is starting to get some love on the college radio circuit.

According to a Myspace bulletin just sent out, the band's been receiving airplay of late on the following stations: KOTO in Telluride, Colorado; WIIT in Chicago; KSLU in St Louis; WRTC in Hartford, Connecticut; WVVS in Valdosta, Georgia; WUMM in Machias, Manie; KBSU in Boise, Idaho; WTTU in Cookeville, Tennessee; WCYT in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Not exactly Austin, Ann Arbor, Columbus and Gainesville. But, hey, that's an impressive entrance by this haunting indie rock act.

And remember, you can still download Farewell Republica's title track here. --Pete Freedman

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