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And You Tought Matthew JC And The Allstars Were Sellouts...

Not too long after discovering (OK, with some help) that Matthew JC and the Allstars, was the new favorite band of all CBS 11 employees comes this: Oak Cliff-based blues band Bona Fide Blues is a finalist in Advertising Week's "Battle of the Ad Bands."

The band, made up of employees of area ad agency May & Co. (president Doug May plays harmonica), apparently plays around town quite a bit (well, according to the press release we just received), with performances at Eno's Pizza Tavern, Lee Harvey's and the Stoneleigh P to its name.

Bona Fide Blues and five other "ad bands" will square off next Wednesday night at the New York City's Nokia Theater in Times Square in a live competition that, far as I can tell, is just for bragging rights.

"Even though we are a band representing a small independent firm, we plan to demonstrated to the major agencies that in music, as well as in advertising, independents can be fiercely competitive," says ad man May, trying to sell the world on his band's chances.

I wonder what Don Draper would say about all this... --Pete Freedman

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