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Another Big Record On John Congleton's Resume: The Walkmen's Lisbon

You may or may not remember all the way back to last March, when NX35 music festival single-handedly overtook DC9 for about a week.

One of the top headliners, The Walkmen, who played a stunning set at Hailey's Club, were one of the many reasons that the festival was such a big draw. But, turns out, there were ulterior motives to their tour stop in Denton.

As we reported, the New York boys were also in town to do some recording with local producer, John Congleton. And, yesterday, Pitchfork announced that The Walkmen's new record, Lisbon, is set.
for a September 14 release.

We caught up with Congleton this afternoon for a little more detail.

"They recorded a bunch of songs in New York and wanted a different take on them," Congleton says, before noting that the Walkmen rarely work with a producer, so they were timid about working with Congleton. "They came during [NX35] to do two songs, and it went so well that it ended up being three."

Apparently, though, they liked Congleton's take on the songs so much that they returned for another week of recording after the fact. During that week, they finished 11 songs--seven of which Congleton assumes will be on the album.

Although, he admits, "I'm not even sure which ones will end up on the record."

But he does have some opinions on the new disc: "It's a lot more rockin' than the last record," Congleton says of Lisbon. "It's really stripped down too. We only used 10 or 11 tracks per song."

The Walkmen more stripped down? I didn't know that was possible.

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