If this show still happens, it won't be at Ohlook Theater.

'Asshole With Spraypaint' Ruins Everything For Suburban Punk Fans

Well, that was fast. It took less than two months for Ohlook Theater, Jon Curlee's DIY punk-rock venue in downtown Grapevine, to get shut down. It seems the building owners didn't take kindly to some vandalism and subsequently put the kibosh on further shows at the theater.

The closure of the venue (which we wrote about just last month) cancels this Friday's Halloween show with Responsible Johnny, Octotwat, Television City and John Chaos SideShow, as well as upcoming shows with area punk and metal acts like Dog Company, Blessed By A Curse, Warcola, Break My Fall and others.

Curlee's brief and curt MySpace blog entry explaining the closure is after the jump.--Jesse Hughey

we have been shut down permanently.

thanks to an asshole with spraypaint, Ohlook has been shut down. The owners of the building informed me today. Sorry for the inconcience for you bands that are booked. Good Luck and good bye.


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