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Be Thankful This Air Guitar Tour Is Skipping Dallas

The 2008 United States Air Guitar Championships Tour has announced which cities will host its competitions this year and, thankfully, Dallas is not on the list.

The tour kicked off yesterday in New York and the closest this geek fest will get to Dallas is Austin in July. The finals are scheduled for August in San Francisco and the World Championships (!) will take place in Finland on August 20.

Now, I can understand all the rock star wannabes flailing away on Guitar Hero AT HOME but organizing an air guitar championship reeks of participant desperation, not to mention some unresolved child abuse issues. In this day of reality television, everyone thinks he or she can sing or dance, with or without the stars, but fake guitar playing needs to be relegating to living rooms (after significant alcohol has been ingested), not arenas. These guys and gals make those hooded losers who still partake in Dungeons and Dragons look like model citizens.

The press release claims that air guitar is the next great American pastime. God help us all. --Darryl Smyers

[Editor's Note: Obviously, Darryl hasn't seen Air Guitar Nation. That's a fine flick. And helps make all these air guitar players seem reasonable.]

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