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Blue, the Misfit's Perfect Night for a Funeral To Be Released Early 2017

In September, Blue, the Misfit hosted a listening party for his upcoming album Perfect Night For A Funeral due to release on Oct. 28 at Dallas’ Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. In the sold-out theater of invited guests — close friends, artists, media and industry types — Blue debuted his sophomore album.

Throughout the 14 tracks the audience swayed in their seats, put their hands in the air, flashed their cell phone lights and hollered in approval. Immediately after the session the audience took to social media to post about the experience and a legitimate buzz surrounded the album that was supposed to release on Oct. 28.

After a series of delays, the album now has an estimated release date of early 2017, primetime for festival season. Blue has assured his fans many times on social media that the album is 100 percent finished but he is waiting for the packaging and artwork to be finalized.

“I think [this album] is the one,” Blue says. “It’s just my second album and there’s still a lot to learn and grow from but this is a lot of growth from [Child in the Wild] by far. It’s the one.”

During a Q&A after the listening party, Blue explained that Perfect Night for a Funeral tells the full cycle story of his adventurous life and wild nights, explaining that at this moment in time he’s completely content with his life — so much so that if he died tomorrow it’d be a perfect night for a funeral.

To deliver his grand vision for his sophomore album, Blue called on his extensive network of local musicians, including Jordan Richardson of Son of Stan, Sarah Jaffe, Daniel Hart, Bobby Sessions and many more, to build on the foundation Blue produced for the album. In total the album’s sound boasts a grand, almost gothic nature and cinematic quality that takes it far beyond the standard hip-hop album. Blue is quick to acknowledge eclectic influences such as Kid Cudi, Crystal Castles, Linkin Park, Gorillaz and Tame Impala.

“You can hear it once and get it so either you’re gonna like this shit or you’re not gonna like this shit,” Blue says. “And if you don’t like it I don’t know what else to give you anymore because I gave it all. That’s my statement with this album. Perfect Night for a Funeral, this is the album that I gave you to say this is my perfect body of work to date and if you don’t like it I’m done with it. This is it.”


1. Slow Singing And Flower Bringing (Intro)
2. Perfect ft. Xes
3. Died Last Night
4. 21 Gun Salute
5. Solo Adventures
6. Key and Peel (Burn Rubber)
7. Shut Up (Interlude)
8. Slow Motion
9. Carousel ft. Zyah
10. Child of the Night
11. Lost & Found
12. Funeral (Interlude)
13. Live Forever ft. Sarah Jaffe
14. Walking Dead (Ride Slow)
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