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Blues Legend Bugs Henderson is Dead at 69

Word has been circulating all over Facebook and Twitter today that Dallas blues legend Bugs Henderson passed away last night. A call to close friend and former bandmate Jimmy Wallace confirms that Henderson did indeed die at age 69 from complications of liver cancer.

"A blood clot showed up in his liver, which caused his kidneys to shut down," Wallace confirmed.

Only four months ago, Henderson announced that he was fighting cancer, which launched a series of benefit concerts to help with medical expenses. Henderson had no health insurance, and bills mounted quickly.

The most recent benefit concert took place last Sunday at the Palladium Ballroom. Longtime friends and band mates performed while longtime fans and supporters enjoyed an 11-hour show. Thor Christensen at The Dallas Morning News wrote that Henderson was at home under hospice care and was unable to attend.

Then last night, only a few days later, Henderson passed on. He was considered a legend of the guitar, one of the greats.

"He's the most famous unfamous person you'll ever meet," said Wallace. "He never reached that rock star status, but was revered by rock stars all over the world."

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