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Bucks Burnett Makes Good On His Threat, Opens Second Eight Track Museum

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Back in March, I checked in with Dallas institution Bucks Burnett and got a tour of his Eight Track Museum in Deep Ellum, lovingly curated by Burnett across several decades. It was then he revealed a new museum would be opening soon, but he wouldn't tell me where. He did let me have three guesses, though Dubai was apparently way off. I certainly wouldn't have guessed the Catskills burg of Roxbury, New York as the locale, but that is indeed where The Eight Track Museum part two is opening.

"I bought a magic lamp, and some really do have genies inside," Burnett jokes. "A friend of mine, Phil Lennihan, approached me about a year ago about an eight track exhibit at this building in Roxbury. It has a post office in it. We're keeping that. The exhibit was going to be an exhibit, but I thought, why not just open a second location instead of doing what everyone thinks it should do, which is keel over dead."

The second location will open September 15, with the grand opening on October 13, and the "unsealing" of the Sinatra room, which will house a copy of one of the rarest and most valuable eight tracks ever: A Frank Sinatra/Antonio Carlos Jobim collaboration. Earlier this month, Burnett snagged a rare sealed copy of The Beatles' 20 Greatest Hits in eight track form for $898 on eBay, which is apparently a record sale for an eight track. Burnett sums up his latest venture in a one characteristically dry swipe:

"Opening a second one, that's insane, on my part and fate's part."

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