Can President-Elect Obama Remember The Titans? Yes (Oddly Enough), He Can...

Yep, today's a pretty important next-day in American history, for fairly obvious reasons and all. And, no doubt, you were as glued to the TV as I was last night, obsessing over the coverage on various network and cable news channels.

But it's possible you didn't catch what could go down as a fun little piece of music trivia history (although you, too, likely caught it if you're as much a sucker for sports movies as I am):

That song Obama used after his acceptance speech last night? The same one he used after his speech at the Democratic National Convention? It's Trevor Rabin's fabulous score, "Titans Spirit" (seen/heard above), from 2000's Remember The Titans--a tear-jerker of a sports movie if there ever was one. And the score's fitting choice, for sure, given the racial overtones of the film and the undoubtedly presidential feel of its arrangement.

OK, then. Kinda cool, right?

Well, here's where it gets even more obscure: For about ten years, Trevor Rabin was a member of Yes.

Go figure.--Pete Freedman

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