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Coldplay To Play American Airlines Center on November 19

Go ahead and set your iPods to the over-used but somehow still uplifting anthem “Clocks.” Because, ladies and gents, Coldplay’s coming back to town.

According to the press release that arrived in our mailbox this afternoon, the “Viva La Vida” tour (same name as the upcoming album which, unfortunately, doesn't make it any less lame) brings Chris Martin and cohorts to Dallas's American Airlines Center on November 19. Tickets should go fast (no info there yet, though), especially if you believe the band's publicists, who claim that, during a one-week period of free download, Viva La Vida’s first single, “Violet Hill,” was snagged by two million people.

Given the amount of time you've got until the band gets here, you'll have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the new disc before the show (it gets released on June 17). Plus, you'll probably see them a lot. For instance: Coldplay will be on The Today Show on June 27.

In sorta related notes, if you’re still wondering what to give your Mommy for Mother’s Day, there’s always a donation in her name to one of Chris Martin’s favorite charities. —Merritt Martin

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