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Cowboy Mouth Frontman Fred LeBlanc on Rock Music's Little Miracles

Attending a Cowboy Mouth show requires a couple of 5-Hour Energy shots just before you walk in the door. The audience is the most integral part of their shows. They are loud, raucous gatherings that can make your feet sore for days and your voice feel like you've been gargling with sand if you're not properly prepared. No one in the room, however, jumps and wails more than the band's singer and drummer Fred LeBlanc whose insane energy makes every crowd an integral part of the show. He's like Animal from The Muppet Show except he can keep a steadier beat and chaining him to the stage would just be a good waste of chains. He noted, however, that the songs he creates aren't just awesome excuses to party.

LeBlanc spoke to DC9 at Night while prepping for a show in Baton Rouge, La. before heading home for Thanksgiving and making his way back up to North Texas for a Saturday show at The Granada about the interesting adventure the band's 15th self-released album "This Train" took and his secret to creating a kicking rock show.

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