Trust us. You've seen this guy taking shots around town before.

"Crazy Picture Guy" Nearly Arrested, Now Working For AFI

In a break from his nightly photography expeditions to music clubs and smoky dive bars, Scotty “Crazy Picture Guy” Mankoff has been hitting the red carpet to cover the AFI Dallas International Film Festival.

Last night, Mankoff shot local pop-punk jokers Bowling For Soup at the premiere of King Hollis’s docu-concert film Bowling For Soup: Live And Very Attractive. And Mankoff didn’t get his credentials the easy way, either. According to a recent MySpace blog post, Mankoff was taking pictures at an AFI party to which he’d been invited, despite his lack of credentials. Security spotted him and nearly escorted him out until an AFI honcho who happened to be a friend of his intervened and arranged for him to receive a press pass.

Now that he’s legit, Mankoff’s pictures will appear on the AFI Dallas site and, after AFI returns them, on his own site.

In the meantime, we highly recommend you check out his daily updates with action shots and goofy candid pictures of Dallas musicians, artists, fans and clubbers. His set from the March 23rd's Mods Vs. Rockers event and his shots from Club Dada’s March 15 Happy Bullets show are a good introduction to his work if you've never seen it before. --Jesse Hughey

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.