Critics' Picks

There's a strong temptation right now to rechristen this aging musician/megalomaniac as Stink, 'cause man oh man, does his new album suck. It's called Brand New Day, and it does herald a new phase in the man's career, one in which he is completely and utterly irrelevant. (Seen the video/Jaguar commercial for the single "Desert Rose" yet? The only salient image in the whole damn thing is of the rock stah, asleep in the backseat of his luxury car as a lackey drives him around.) But on second thought, a better idea might be for Sting to now be known as Stung. After all, there was a time, albeit many years ago, when the Police were one of the better bands around, and Stung's early solo stuff was none too shabby either. And that's undoubtedly what patrons are paying to hear at the Greek on these hot summer nights. Oh sure, he'll be playing his new tunes--but a nostalgia act by any other name...
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Sean O'neill