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Dallas Gets Its Lilith Fair Date and Lineup. No Badu, Though...

So, we've been keeping tabs on the "Lilith Fair Is Back!" announcements for a while, thinking it was kind of a big deal with a long list of pretty interesting artists and a somewhat surprising North Texas bent. Plus, we knew it was coming to Dallas at some point this summer, so there was that.

Yesterday, though, when the Lilith Fair announced its eventual Dallas date (Monday, August 16, the last stop on the tour), it kind of threw us through a loop--mostly because that long list of acts on the lineup doesn't necessarily apply. Turns out each date only features some of the artists on the tour. Preston Jones of the Star-Telegram has the details on Superpages.com Center bill, which remains pretty Texas-heavy, and still kind of regionally focused, with performances from Miranda Lambert, Norah Jones and Court Yard Hounds.

Noticeably absent from the Dallas stop, though? One Erykah Badu, who has yet to announce any hometown shows in support of New Amerykah Pt. 2: Return of the Ankh. Gotta wonder when that eventual announcement will come...

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Pete Freedman
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