Dallas' House of Blues is the Fourth Most Popular U.S. Club Venue

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, everybody's favorite trade music magazine, just put together a list of the

25 Most Popular Music Clubs is the U.S

. There are many takeaways here, but the most pertinent one for Dallas music fans is that our local

House of Blues

was the fourth-most attended venue (222, 988) in the whole country during the calendar year stretching from May 1, 2013 to April 30, 2014. So, Dallas, go ahead and pat yourself on the back or have an ice-cold Revolver. You did well.

Our next takeaway is that the House of Blues franchise is the most ubiquitous club venue in the country. Like, seriously: It shows up a whopping 12 times on a list of 25 venues, which basically accounts for half of the spots. Of course, if House of Blues is damn near the Wal-Mart of music clubs, then the list also champions another franchise -- the Target, if you will -- which is The Filmore. Those show up a still-surprising four times.

Since Billboard is first and foremost a trade publication, it's safe to say that this could lead to more label acts booking shows at the House of Blues. Spillover seasons are looking pretty good, folks. However, considering way more than half of the venues are in multiple spots around the country, it'd be nice to see how the clubs of local lore in Dallas and elsewhere would fare.

Shout out to Austin's Stubb's for rounding out the list at number 25. You did well. Pat yourself on the back. Have an ice cold Jester King. This time, however, Dallas is tops in Texas.

1. House of Blues -- Orlando, FL (339,470 attendance) 02. House of Blues -- Boston, MA (322,755) 03. 9:30 Club -- Washington, DC (268,727) 04. House of Blues -- Dallas, TX (222,988) 05. House of Blues -- Chicago, IL (211,446) 06. House of Blues -- Houston, TX (209,799) 07. House of Blues -- Anaheim, TX (192,424) 08. The Tabernacle -- Atlanta, GA (185,769) 09. House of Blues -- Los Angeles, CA (172,005) 10. House of Blues -- San Diego, CA (155,938) 11. House of Blues -- Cleveland, OH (155,556) 12. The Fillmore -- Silver Spring, MD (152,332) 13. The Fillmore -- Denver, CO (151,387) 14. Palladium -- Hollywood, CA (148,555) 15. House of Blues -- New Orleans, LA (145,077) 16. The Fillmore -- San Francisco, CA (140,100) 17. Irving Plaza -- New York, NY (135,398) 18. The Fillmore -- Charlotte, NC (133,212) 19. House of Blues -- Las Vegas, NV (131,208) 20. House of Blues -- Myrtle Beach, SC (129,528) 21. The Fillmore -- Detroit, MI (129,199) 22. Lifestyle Communities Pavilion -- Columbus, OH (128,975) 23. The Paramount -- Huntington, NY (127,730) 24. Stage AE -- Pittsburgh, PA (124,013) 25. Stubb's -- Austin, TX (116,582)

Source: Consequence of Sound

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