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Dallas’ Best Musicians Are Offering Online Lessons, and You Have the Time

Learn to play a real guitar now that you have the time.
Learn to play a real guitar now that you have the time. Nazym Jumadilova/ Unsplash
There’s no right way to quarantine. Some of you are spending your time looking at online museum tours while others are making it their life mission to make “Carole Baskin killed her husband” the new “Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

We feel morally compelled to remind you, however, that our music scene is particularly hurting, so now would be a good time to pursue your dreams of learning to shred on guitar or to play bongos naked — however you want to impress your friends.

There's never been a better time for you to take up the lessons you've been meaning to sign up for the last two decades; you don’t have to clean your house or go anywhere, you have plenty of time to practice, and you have an opportunity to emerge from this dark period as an artist.

Some of Dallas’ greatest musicians are available. Most instruments can be ordered online, and once the world resumes, you can continue doing these classes on Skype or FaceTime, or at home, as some of the teachers travel to you. Here are our recommended classes.

Chelsey Danielle
of Pearl Earl and Helium Queens teaches piano, percussion, drums, vocals and percussion. Contact: [email protected]

Jeff Ryan, who’s played with St. Vincent, Sarah Jaffe and The War on Drugs, teaches drums. Contact: Jeffryanmusic.com

Katie Parr, who’s given vocal lessons to Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato in her 20 years as a teacher, is offering free online classes. Contact: [email protected]

Sarah Ruth Alexander
, who’s been teaching voice and beginning and intermediate piano for 16 years, is known for her improvisational performances with acts like Yells at Eels. Contact: Sarahruthalexander.com.

Terence Bradford
from the Free Loaders and the Congo Square, teaches trumpet. Contact: [email protected]

Savannah Low
, who was nominated for a Dallas Observer Music Award for Best Pop Act in 2019, teaches voice, songwriting and artist branding. Contact: [email protected]

Kenneth Everett Pritchard, who’s been nominated for half a dozen DOMAs between his two bands, Dead Mockingbirds and Frances Heidy, owns the Pritchard School of Music, which offers classes in drums, bass, guitar, voice and others. Contact: Pritchardschoolofmusic.com.

Another DOMA nominee, Emsy Robinson, is teaching beginner guitar, bass and piano. Contact: [email protected]

2019 DOMA nominee for best female singer, Kierra Gray, is teaching vocal performance, beginner piano, beginner guitar and lyrical composition. Contact: [email protected]

Patrick Smith who’s in Nick Snyder and the Real Deal and Holy Roller Baby, teaches guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, drums and piano. Contact: [email protected]

Stephen Goodson
, who plays guitar for BJ Stricker and the Kings and Ruff Wizard, teaches intermediate and advanced guitar and music theory. Contact: [email protected] stephen-goodson.com.

Brianne Sargent from Skinny Cooks teaches cello and music theory. Contact: Briannesargent.com.

Ava Boehme from Starfruit teaches drums, piano, guitar and general composition. Contact: [email protected]

Brigitte Mena Southern Methodist University graduate, teaches voice, piano, guitar and ukulele. Contact: [email protected]

Robert Trusko, 2019 DOMA winner for Best Bassist, teaches bass and Ableton Live. Contact: Truskomusic.com.

Benjamin Holt from Song Dynasty is offering music appreciation and guitar classes through the Tarrant County College. Contact: [email protected]

Aaron "AC" Capers, who plays in Loyal Sally and The Effinays, DOMA nominee for Best Drummer in 2019, gives drum lessons. Contact: [email protected]

Jason Elmore, a multiple DOMA nominee as Best Blues Act, is teaching all levels and all styles of guitar. Contact: Jasonelmore.net.

Matt Tedder, from 2019 Best Blues act DOMA winner Polydogs and The Voice, teaches guitar. Contact: [email protected]

DOMA winner for Best Pianist/Keyboardist Poppy Xander from Helium Queens has been teaching for almost 20 years. Xander specializes in all ages and levels in piano, song writing, composition, and voice lessons. Contact: [email protected]

Jess Garland, who's played with Francine Thirteen and is currently in the Sunshine Village Band has been teaching for 13 years. Garland is available for guitar and harp lessons. Contact: Jessstrings.com.

Indie rocker Mark Cuthbertson has been teaching guitar for a decade. Contact: [email protected]
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