Dallas Musicians and Industry Peeps Share Their New Year's Resolutions

Dallas Musicians and Industry Peeps Share Their New Year's Resolutions

In ancient Roman times, citizens began the year by offering hopes for the future to the god Janus, thus beginning the tradition of making New Year's resolutions.

Folks back then probably had fairly practical requests ("no plague this year, please") while today it's common to resolve to improve one's career, family and waistline.

We asked players in Dallas' local music scene what they're striving toward in the year ahead. For our part, we're resolving to buy more local records and attend more concerts in 2018 and help the musicians achieve their goals.

Kenneth Pritchard
Guitarist, Dead Mockingbirds
"Our resolution is to complete and tour our second record."

Ariel Hartley
Vocalist/guitarist, Pearl Earl
"For my resolution, I'd like to see the release of my first solo EP and start recording the sophomore album for Pearl Earl. Also, more hot yoga and smoothies."

Tru Def
“My New Year's resolution is to position myself and my team with tastemakers/influencers so that I am able to provide a platform of success for other individuals working toward their goals. I'd also like to throw more social gatherings to network and bring awareness to all the great people in our city.”

Sarah Badran
Publicist at Creative Currency, VP of Premier Live Experience
“My New Year's resolution is to host more cultural events, workshops and conferences in order to educate and empower our artists and contribute to building a stronger industry so our artists can thrive here locally.”

Dustin Blocker
Chief Creative Officer, Hand Drawn Records and Pressing
“My New Year’s resolution is to keep the good times rolling by continuing to wrangle up new opportunities for our artists and friends.”

Richard Hennessy
Vocalist/guitarist, Henry the Archer
"My 2018 New Year's resolution is to more diligently practice the art of 'mindfulness,' to gain a stronger sense of self and be a better human. Mindfulness is a discipline which must be practiced daily in order to maintain a consistent, more stable perspective of self.

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"In 2017, a lot of 'responsibilities' got in the way of my daily practice, and because of that, I stopped altogether. Hence my 2018 New Year's resolution is to reimplement a daily meditation practice and pick up where I left off."

Mark Kennedy
Marketing and artist relations manager, Granada Theater
"One, to single-handedly get Flickerstick back together and get them on our stage. Two, to eat more Slowbone [barbecue]."

Tara Wurts
Talent buyer, Granada Theater
"One, to continue the quest for more things gluten free in Dallas. Two, to book Royal Blood. Oh wait, did that."

Callie Nolen
Events manager, Granada Theater
"One, marry Dalton Domino. Two, divorce Dalton Domino and then marry Charlie Stout."

Murry Hammond
Bassist/vocalist, Old 97's
"I have two resolutions, and I mean it, man. One, eat Mexican food with Lyle Blackburn from Ghoultown to talk UFOs and Bigfoot, and two, finally see the Gorehounds."

Tiffany Youngblood
Director of operations, Band Together Denton
"As a team, we obviously would love to see more successful house venues and to see more artists from across the spectrum playing them: new bands, artists that more typically play venues, established groups, all the genres, etc. Not just in Denton, but Dallas, too, as we're very excited about the potential for expansion of Band Together into the Dallas market in 2018-19.

"Personally, in my role as co-founder and director of Band Together Denton and just as a fan and supporter of the local music scene, I really hope to see more collaboration between artists and genres that maybe traditionally haven't worked together. Really, just more collaboration in general. Competition and collaboration aren't mutually exclusive, and there can be real magic that happens when they aren't treated as such. I've got some projects in the works that hopefully will get off the ground in the early new year that focus on just that."

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