Download: DJ A Bay Bay -- "I Stay (feat. Dorrough, Fat Pimp, Trai'D and Tum Tum)"

KKDA 104.5-FM afternoon drive-time jock DJ A Bay Bay is a pretty big deal--and not just locally, but, y'know, nationally. The former Shreveport DJ is, after all, the namesake behind the Shreveport rapper Hurricane Chris' 2007 massive 2007 single "A Bay Bay". So, there's that.

Since moving to the Dallas airwaves in 2008, though, Bay Bay, if anything, has only increased his profile. His, you might recall, was the show Play-N-Skillz hopped on to explain their gripes with Lil Wayne not paying them for their work on "Got Money". And, in addition to being credited as the man who "discovered" Hurricane Chris, he's also credited as having done the same for Dallas' GS Boyz (they of "Stanky Legg" fame) and Mr. "Ice Cream Paint Job" himself, Dorrough (as you read in last week's paper).

But now Bay Bay is taking things a little bit further. A la Miami's DJ Khaled, Bay Bay is putting out tracks that he doesn't really rhyme on, but rather promotes (see: Khaled's "We Takin' Over"). Or at least that seems to be the principle behind Bay Bay's new single, "I Stay," which features Dorrough, Fat Pimp, Trai'D and Tum Tum--a cast Bay Bay fittingly calls "the Dallas All-Stars."

After the jump, stream and download the track.

...and download it right here.

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