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Erykah Badu and Sarah Jaffe Land On Some Early Year-End Best Album Lists

It's officially December, which means 2010 is almost over, which means it's time for the overzealous music critics of the world to rush out their year-end best music lists, even though, hey, the year isn't over and there are still albums coming out and, y'know, there's still a good 30 or so days left for everyone to try and listen to the whole slew of albums they probably haven't listened to yet.

But I digress.

Two notable year-end lists made their debut today, and two Dallas females who've had plenty big years have popped up in them...

National Public Radio's included Erykah Badu's New Amerykah, Pt. 2: Return of the Ankh on its in-no-particular-order Top 50 albums of the year list -- maybe not all that surprising given the year Badu's had, controversies and all -- and praised the album appropriately, claiming that the disc "floats by in a glorious haze on grooves that never exceed the speed limit (no chopping or screwing necessary)."

But this inclusion is a little surprising, actually: Sarah Jaffe's full-length debut, Suburban Nature, pops up on Paste's Top 50 countdown at a respectable No. 39 position, coming in ahead of the likes of Local Natives, Yeasayer, Deerhunter, The Black Keys and Wavves, thanks to praise of the album's "ebbs and flows on a sea of candid relationship narratives."

So. One Dallas female continues her success and the other further positions herself for a promising future. Yup, this is a town whose sound is dominated by women. We can all agree on that much, yeah?

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