"Fat" is such a harsh word. How about "Big-Boned Pimp"?

Fat Pimp, Lil Wil and Tum Tum Collaboration Now Available

Three Dallas rappers who have each had a taste of commercial radio success just collaborated on a song all but guaranteed not to be played on the air. That is, unless Tum Tum, Lil Wil and Fat Pimp offer a completely bowdlerized radio edit of "Fuck Dey Girlfriend." But after excising lines about pimpin' ho's, kushy kush and keeping X pills for them girls, mayne, there wouldn't be much song left.

Give a listen to the Blue Majic-produced track on either Tum Zilla's or Mr. Rack Daddy's MySpace page.

And speaking of Fat Pimp, he's offering up his new song "Swag" as a free download here.--Jesse Hughey

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