Fishboy To Perform Free Homecoming Show At J&J's Pizza In Denton Tonight

Denton’s Fishboy is playing a free show tonight at J&J’s Pizza. But, please, hold the anchovy jokes (although, J&J’s does have a fresh supply for tonight’s show though…we phoned to check.)

Fishboy, just off a recent East Coast tour promoting the new album Albatross: How We Failed To Save The Lone Star State With The Power Of Rock And Roll, has a knack for utilizing costumes, props and oddball antics while performing, and brainchild Eric Michener says he’s looking forward to the homecoming show: “It feels great to be playing a tiny dirty basement in Denton tonight as oppose to other various tiny dirty basements across the United States.”

The basement at J & J’s is a little gem of a dive: It’s raw, it’s dirty, and it’s lit with Christmas lights. Plus, on most nights, with dollar donation into the venue's big red cup, you get to drink your fill of fairly-cold Schlitz cans of beer.

Tonight, Michener will be joined on the bill by Daniel Folmer and Amo Joy—two acts he says he’s excited about performing alongside.

As for more reasons to attend...well, let’s just let Michener explain, via his response to our Myspace message inquiry:

“Expect Daniel Folmer to play some beautiful songs off his new album A Leaf... and then get booed off for insulting the audience.

Expect Amo Joy to play their entire set of psych pop gems without shoes or socks so that they can pick up and shake things with their toes...and then get booed off for acting like hippies.

Expect Fishboy to be loud and well rehearsed as a three piece who's last show was about a week ago...and then get booed off for not having enough "rockin solos"

Expect me to cry tears of joy as I put parmesan cheese on my slice of pizza...and then get booed by Daniel Folmer for not acting like a man.

Expect for our number one fan Chris Yetter to mention how scuffed up the GPS he lent us for the road now is... and then expect me to apologize and hand him a free t-shirt.

Expect for our bass player Justin 'Sixlets' Lloyd to bitch me out for not bringing his ipod that he left in the car...and expect me to lie about trying to download songs from it with bootleg itunes software.”

For more information on the show, you can call J&J’s at (940) 382-7769. But be warned: They might not be too helpful. When we called to confirm the show’s start time, we were told “Um, the show starts around 9…um, usually 9 or 10.”

Oh well. At least it’s free. --Daniel Rodrigue

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.