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Leading up to our November 10 showcase, we'll be getting you familiar with some of our Dallas Observer Music Awards nominees, either via past features we've done on them, or new ones. You can vote for your favorite acts, venues and more right here.

Warren Jackson Hearne & Le Leek Electrique It seems that everything Warren Jackson Hearne touches turns to gold. The wickedly captivating singer-songwriter heads up a haunting, jazz-folk outfit whose music sounds like it was created at the turn of the century.

Jessie Frye Although she started out as the girl-and-her-piano type, Jesse Frye now has a full-fledged pop-rock band. She's currently recording a debut full-length follow-up to her EP, Fireworks Child.

Ryan Thomas Becker Because RTB is a man of many bands (including RTB2), if you have a chance to catch him completely solo these days, do it. His vocal range, lyrical genius and killer riffs will make you happy you did.

Mind Spiders Marked Men guitarist Mark Ryan took what was once a solo project and multiplied it, making the six-piece Mind Spiders a force to be reckoned with live. This year's second LP, Meltdown, makes for a wonderfully tangled web of new wave, pop and punk.

Tony Ferraro & the Satans of Soft Rock The juxtaposition of Tony Ferraro's grizzled voice and the often poppy songs he pens makes the Satans of Soft Rock one of his best projects to date.

Danny Rush & The Designated Drivers Singer and guitarist Daniel Folmer heads up an Americana band whose recent release, Brown and Blue, was birthed from Folmer's existential transition from despair to peace.

Boxcar Bandits Bluegrass outfit Boxcar Bandits are as good at their picking, shaking and harmonizing as they've ever been--impressive for a group with so many members and instruments. In case you were wondering, the band moved their Denton residency from Mondays at Dan's Silverleaf to Mondays at Hailey's Club.

Vulgar Fashion Denton's death disco duo Vulgar Fashion has garnered a lot of buzz from fans who appreciate an experimental approach to electronic music. Check out their Violitionist Session for a better idea of what you can hear and see at their DOMA showcase.

Shiny Around the Edges Three-piece Shiny Around the Edges is about to release their much-anticipated third album, The Night is a Disco. Husband and wife Michael and Jenny Seman, plus saxophonist Mike Forbes, conduct their eerie, bass-heavy jams, overlain by Jenny's electric voice, with ease. It should be mentioned that she is up for a separate DOMA for Best Female Vocalist.

Summer of Glaciers Electronic duo Summer of Glaciers excel in down-tempo, atmospheric music. Earlier this year, they released a six-track EP, Small Spaces, an appropriate title for the "little fish, big pond" trance the album leaves you in.

Wiccans Hardcore band Wiccans have gotten quite a bit of attention since their 2009 formation. The band features drummer Gregory Rutherford of Denton's Bad Sports and Mind Spiders, who brings the same up-tempo punk sensibility to Wiccans as he does the others.

Bludded Head Popular local artist and musician Nevada Hill heads up a doom metal trio that's not too shabby. Electric cello player Darcy Neal adds just the right touch to the guitar/drums setup.

Terminator 2 The three guys in hardcore group Terminator 2 make enough noise for six people. It's a wonder their sets don't shut down the power grid in whatever city they're in.

Hares on the Mountain The five-piece folk and bluegrass group is full of recognizable musicians, from guitarist Ryan Thomas Becker to violinist Petra Kelly, and the stage banter alone is enough to keep you hooked. Lead singer George Neal heads up the group, as they take you on a lyrical journey through songs about death, drinkin' and the Gold Rush.

Yeahdef For the past five years, DJ Joey Lichtey has been spinning some of the best weeklies and most poppin' house shows in DFW. If you're looking for the party, look no further than wherever Yeahdef is spinning.

Mariachi Quetzal Ten-piece mariachi ensemble Mariachi Quetzal creates the types of sounds and rhythms that can put a smile on your face, no matter how shitty your day. The group formed while still in college at UNT in 2008, and has since then has been in high demand.

Curvette Curvette has had many incarnations, but the latest trio of musicians seems to be working well for the experimental band. Although their music is technical and layered, hints of '90s garage rock sneaks into their sound.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.