Gig Alert: Arlington Info Shop Grand Opening Saturday

The Arlington Info Shop's Grand Opening tomorrow proves that Dallas isn't the only North Texas city with music-loving bicycle activists.

The community venue's opening fete includes performances from an eclectic array of experimental acts--all donating their time--all day Saturday from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. Performers include The Decency Project, Wu Fru De Lu Vs. Space Dragon Killah (which played at the Phoenix Project recently and turned out to be a cookware-based percussion duo rather than the Wu-Tang off-shoot the name might suggest), New Fumes and more.

Info Shop director Eleonor Hernandez describes the space as a community venue and resource for UTA students with a focus on bicycling, including a bike co-op. Volunteers will assemble "Frankenbikes" from donated bikes and parts, and loan the finished bikes to students on a weekly basis. Other efforts will include yoga classes, a lending library and outreaches to the community such as participating in the Food Not Bombs movement. Hernandez says the new Cowboys Stadium was one impetus for the shop, as she and organizers want don't want Arlington to forget about small local businesses.

Saturday's Grand Opening will be a family-friendly event, she says, and will also include a "Burgers For Bikes" trade-in with support from Steakway and art from artists representing a wide variety of media.

(Despite what the poster says, Zanzibar Snails and Blunt Force Crew will not perform due to scheduling conflicts.)

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Jesse Hughey
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