Gig Alert: Automorrow CD Release Show This Friday at The Ridglea Theater

Arlington's only ska/dub/punk/electro-dance band, Automorrow, has its CD release show this Friday at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth.

My review of the band's debut EP will run in the print edition of the Observer next week, but for those looking for an out of the ordinary band to check out in the meantime, Automorrow (despite the cumbersome name) could prove well worth your attention.

This talented trio of Ben Napier, Michael Dufault and Adam Reeves has been working at its unique fusion of styles since 2005, but, sadly hasn't gotten around to a proper release until now.

Quite the loss, as the EP shows Automorrow to be adroit at a variety of forms, the best of which is represented in the punk rock roar of "Overboard."

Guitar purists/wankers may prefer the complicated chord progressions of songs such as "Grow" and "Pulse," but Automorrow may best be served by following the basest of punk instincts: loud, fast rules.

In any case, this show features a plethora (and crowded) bill of metroplex indie rock. Third Man on the Match, Sam McKneil, 1000 Miles From Home and Feel Never Real will all warm up The Ridglea audience prior to Automorrow hitting the stage. Hopefully, everyone is up for an extended evening of varied genres. I know I am.

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