Giveaway: Three $20 Gift Cards and Pairs of Tickets To See FC Dallas Play Tomorrow Night Before Checking Baruch The Scribe and The Fox & The Bird at Lochrann's in Frisco.

Listen: We probably won't be doing giveaways to the free, Thursday concert series at Lochrann's in Frisco forever. After all, the shows are free.

But so long as Spune Productions, the coordinators behind the event, keeps making it worthwhile for us to send our readers to head up there and check things out, well, we figure we might as well keep it going. Your gain, after all, is ours.

Anyway, tomorrow night a 9, the venue's got a pretty nice one-two punch going with its double-bill of Baruch the Scribe and The Fox & The Bird. The latter's among the better folk outfits going in the region these days, while the former (who we'll have a little bit more info on later today) used to revel in those same waters but has more recently taken things in a more experimental and ambient direction--and to fine results, too. On those merits alone, the show looks like a winner in our books.

But Spune's sweetening the deal, offering a whole night out in Frisco to three lucky DC9 readers. These folks will not only be seeing this show, but they'll also win a $20 bar tab to use for food and drinks during it. But what about before the show? Well, Spune's also giving each winner a pair of tickets to tomorrow night's 7 p.m. match-up between FC Dallas and the Seattle Sounders at Pizza Hut Park, just down the road from Lochrann's. I don't know how or why this came to be, really. I just know it sounds like fun. If you do, too, and you want the prize pack, be among the three to shoot me an email right now with the words "Frisco Treat" in the subject line. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners.

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