Hear Tim DeLaughter's New Polyphonic Spree Demos

All over the Internet this week, people are freaking out about the new demos Tim DeLaughter has posted to his Polyphonic Spree blog, The Fragile Army.

So far, we've seen two of these, written by DeLaughter while holing himself up in an NYC apartment. The first? A track called "Blurry," which features DeLaughter picking and strumming his acoustic guitar ever-so-delicately and sining oh-so-wearily. The second, though, is a little more Spree-like: "Apart" finds DeLaughter actually taking one of his recorded songs into GarageBand for a little effects tweaking.

Unsurprisingly, both songs prominently feature sunlight.

But, joking aside, it's a cool insight into DeLaughter's process. Says DeLaughter's Good Records Recording cohort Chris Penn, that's the idea--showing fans the nuts and bolts behind the band's creative and writing processes, even if what we're hearing now may or may not be anything like what ends up on the record. Remember: These are just DeLaughter's takes; he's got to filter these sounds through 23 or so other band members.

So while these songs--especially "Blurry"--are delightfully bare, who knows where it will go from here. Either way, some really cool behind-the-scenes offerings from one of Dallas' finest acts.

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