In Defense of My Chemical Romance: 10 Bands That Look Emo, But Aren't.

You know the look: Checkered sneakers, skinny pants, that forlorn gaze through a cascade of floppy bangs. Emo kids are easy to spot. Or are they? Can you tell that a band is emo by the way they look?

In this week's paper, we talked to My Chemical Romance guitarist Frak Iero about the emo tag, which the band has vehemently denied over the course of their career. As far as they're concerned, it has never properly applied to them. Still, largely because of their look, they've had to put up with it:

"It was time to end the long stares, the bombastic props and get-ups," Iero says of My Chemical Romance's updated stage presence. "That look was part of the reason we got labeled emo in the first place." Continue reading...

Clearly, the band hates the term. In the past, frontman Gerard Way has even gone on record as saying that "emo's a pile of shit." And, hey, we kind of get where the band is coming from; they're hardly the first band that's looked emo, even if they sonically aren't.

After the jump, we list our favorites. The lesson: Don't let the floppy hair fool you.

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Laura Mann