Is The D-Town Boogie Dead Yet? Dunno. But the GS Boyz Sure Are. Officially, Even.

Bad news, everyone. Can't believe we missed this when it went down last month, really.

Turns out the GS Boyz have broken up


No doubt, you remember them. The purveyors of the much-lauded "Stanky Legg"? Yes, them. And maybe you remember their minor follow-up hit, "The Boody Dew," too? No? You're not alone.

Anyway, the group's now dissolved down to just two members, Soufside and Prince (no, not that one), who have moved on together to other things, including the above, recently released music video for their song "Anyway," which is pretty terrible, big surprise.

The duo recently spoke to AllHipHop.com about the breakup. Says Soufside: "It was because the other three, they didn't want to grind any more." Prince, meanwhile, sees it as a blessing: "The Lord's giving us a chance to do something again and now we got something for the listeners."

In other news, I've typed the word "Soufside" three times in the last two minutes.

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