Watch Demi Lovato Throw a Party in Music Video for New Single 'Sorry Not Sorry'

Last week, Dallas native Demi Lovato embarked on a seven-city house party tour to promote her new single, "Sorry Not Sorry." Now we know why: The music video for the song, which dropped Wednesday, has a house party theme.

The video depicts a party that Lovato threw in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, on June 29. Lovato rolls up in a Jaguar to a nighttime pool party overflowing with flamingo toys and beach balls. Everyone is wearing bright colors — and sunglasses, even though it's dark out. Demi is in thigh-high purple boots and a matching top when she's not in a hip one-piece in the hot tub.

The video, shot by the same director who filmed the video for "Cool for the Summer" off 2015's Confident, alternates between staged lip-syncing scenes on the lawn and in the hot tub, and more candid-seeming, less polished footage depicting the party guests doing what party guests do — making out, splashing in the pool and sticking out their tongues for the camera.

You might start to think, "Demi, she's just like us!" But cameos by Jamie Foxx, Wiz Khalifa and Paris Hilton will fix that for you.

The lyrics to "Sorry Not Sorry" are sassy and all about rubbing it in an ex's face that he or she made a mistake. "Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)/ Feeling inspired 'cause the tables have turned/ Yeah, I'm on fire and I know that it burns," 24-year-old Lovato sings.

But the accompanying music video is playful rather than hostile. Lovato is shown throwing glitter and driving a kids' electric SUV. The video closes on Lovato addressing her party while sirens blare in the background.

"I hear the cops are here to shut us down, but who gives a fuck!" she says before quickly changing tack. "I'm totally kidding. I respect the police."

Lovato, who got her start on Barney & Friends (filmed in Dallas), has said she'll be releasing a new album toward the end of this year. "Sorry Not Sorry" will likely to be on it.

On Saturday, Lovato performed the single at Southlake teen Lexi Weekly's house. Weekly was the contest winner who got to host Lovato and 300 friends in her home for a private concert and party where Lovato was backed up by Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, just like her mom, Dianna de la Garza.

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