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Jimmy's Guitar Repair in Exposition Park Caught Fire on Friday.

When we heard that a fire in Exposition Park had damaged the building that houses Jimmy's Guitar Repair and Rob's Chop Shop, we expected the worst. DFW has seen several historic buildings damaged or destroyed by fire in the past few years, including last year's fire that destroyed an entire block of Greenville Avenue.

Surely, this summer's hot weather is only adding danger for the businesses operating in the city's older structures.

Fortunately, it appears that the building, and the businesses housed within, are going to be just fine.

The fire broke out at about 11:30 p.m. on Friday night at Jimmy's, and was contained quickly. Employees at Rob's Chop Shop and Pizza Lounge, all of which are located along the same block, report that the fire, which had started in Jimmy's Guitar Repair, was quickly put out by the fire department.

The good news: Jimmy's didn't suffer significant damage, and, far as we can tell at this point, no one was hurt.

We have yet to receive any word from anyone at Jimmy's about the cause of the fire, but reports from neighboring stores in this close-knit community indicate that the guitar repair shop should be reopening within the next couple weeks.

We'll report more as we hear more, but all signs point to the best possible outcome: The small size of the fire, combined with the quick response from officials, saved this from being a repeat of the tragic Greenville fire last year.

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Laura Mann