Hey, now.
Hey, now.

Legendary Sexpot Ann-Margret Preps New Disc With Preston Hollow Church Choir? Um, OK!

As you'll see and hear after the jump (courtesy of a video of the legendary sex symbol accepting the Star Award at the 2011 Dallas International Film Festival), Ann-Margret "loves Texas." "Loves Dallas," too. She's even named one of her sons Dallas, go figure.

Makes sense, maybe. For a time, the 70-year-old, Stockholm-born actress once performed in a touring production of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Yes, that's right: She sings, too. Even had a string of successful, sultry single and album releases back in the '60s and '70s. And her success on the singing front isn't just a thing of the distant past, either: In 2001, her first gospel record (yes, a gospel record), God Is Love: The Gospel Sessions, earned her a Grammy nomination, go figure.

Anyway, all that leads to this and, in theory, makes it less of a shocker: In the next few weeks, Ann-Margret will be releasing the follow-up to that Grammy-nominated disc -- a very literal sequel called God Is Love: The Gospel Sessions 2 -- and, kicker is, the new disc, out soon promises a new press release in our inbox, finds her backed by Preston Hollow Presbyterian Mass Choir. Yes, Dallas' Very Own. Again: Go figure.

Either way, our curiosity is most certainly piqued. So, yes, we've already got a call into the church's music director, Terry Price, on the topic. Our first question: Yeah, she was in State Fair (filmed in Dallas in 1962, natch), but, uh, you guys know she was also in a movie called Carnal Knowledge, too, right? And The Pleasure Seekers? And Kitten with a Whip?

OK, so that's more like three questions. Still.


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