Leon Bridges Appeared on "The Tonight Show" Last Night and Totally Owned It

Leon Bridges has had a lot of big weeks in the course of the last six months or so, but this one has been one of the biggest. Today, in fact, is a particular milestone day for the Fort Worth singer, as his debut album for Columbia Record, Coming Home, is finally, officially getting released. What better way to celebrate than by making an appearance on the biggest late-night TV stage of them all, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon?

On Monday night, that's just what Bridges did, and — as we're now becoming accustomed to — he didn't disappoint. He made his first network TV appearance a few short months ago on The Late Late Show, so this whole routine is already becoming a little old hat for him. (Speaking of which, hat game: on point.) There certainly weren't any signs of butterflies on this performance. The song of choice this time was the title track from the new album.

What stands out the most here, even compared to his Late Late Show appearance, is just how in control Bridges has become as a performer. If he's had any particular weakness over time it's been a degree of timidness with his stage presence, but dude owns it here. Clearly all that touring is paying off pretty quickly.

The cutest part? The crowd's reaction to hearing Bridges is "a soul singer from Texas." (It does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it?) "It gets better," Fallon teases. "Wait until you hear his voice."

Amen to that.

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