Listomania: Ranking The Wu-Tang Clan's Members From Worst to First.

When we first heard about a planned Wu-Tang reunion tour that would be making a stop at the Granada Theater, we couldn't help be just a little skeptical. Due to plenty of turmoil and drama among the group and its -- at times extremely unpredictable -- members, we've wondered aloud and often whether or not the show would end up happening at all.

But as we've read the reviews from the first couple of nights in which seven of the founding members (minus RZA and, obviously, the late Ol' Dirty Bastard) have been joined onstage by Cappadonna, and ODB's eldest son, Young Dirty Boy Jones, we can't help but get a little excited for tomorrow night's show, which is looking like a sure bet to be one of the best shows to come through town all year.

So just for funsies we decided to rank the original Wu-Tangers from bottom to top.

Just keep in mind that our jesting is all relative -- being known as the worst Wu-Tang Clan member is like being known as the least intimidating offensive threat on the 1927 Yankees.

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Cory Graves